Phoenix Laboratory

The Phoenix Laboratory at Tufts Medical Center is a core facility that provides essential microbiology services and reagents to scientists conducting molecular biology and microbiology research at Tufts Medical Center and Tufts Children's Hospital.

Our services are competitively priced and conveniently located in the Tupper Research Building in the heart of the Tufts Medical Center campus in downtown Boston. Services can be made available to Tufts University, outside academia and industry.

All products may be picked up at our location, Tupper Building, Room 822. We recommend that you call us at 617-636-7611 before picking up your product. Additionally, we can leave sample outside the lab by prior arrangement.

Microbial Products and Services for Tufts Medical Center Scientists

The products and services we offer include:

  • Support for Microbiota Research
    • Sample processing and storage
    • DNA extraction
    • 16SrDNA amplicon generation
    • Submission of amplicon pool for sequencing
    • Consultation on sequence data analysis
  • Competent cells
    • Electrocompetent
    • Chemically competent (CaCl2 competent)
  • Protein purification
    • Fusion proteins, e.g., maltose binding protein, 6-his, GST
    • Taq polymerase
    • Shiga toxins and other bacterial virulence proteins
  • Microbial culture 
    • Large scale bacterial culture (up to 10L) for protein expression or cell product
    • Culture of enteric bacterial pathogens or intestinal parasites
    • Microbial storage and maintenance of collections
  • Plasmid preparation 
    • Cesium chloride gradient maxipreps, for transfection , including >40Kb plasmids
  • Media preparation 
    • Liquid media
    • Agar plates