Protein Purification

The core maintains a liquid chromatography setup including a peristaltic pump, UV monitor and recorder, fraction collector, gradient maker, and a variety of gels (molecular sieve, ion exchange, and chromatofocussing). The core also has an ion exchange column for use with an FLCP setup to which the core has access. Fusion proteins recently prepared include 6-histidine/NiNTA, maltose binding protein (MBP), and glutathione S transferase.

Custom purification must be discussed with the core laboratory facility director. Although the core staff often consults in purification using multistep methods and can conduct such purifications if needed, we expect the actual development of the protocol to be done by the investigator.

As a service to investigators, the core has purified taq polymerase and dispenses it in 100µl aliquots. Shiga toxins are also available to intestinal microbiologists.