Support for Microbiota Research

The Human Microbiome Project and related studies have demonstrated the vital importance of our commensal bacteria, particularly those residing in the gastrointestinal tract. While the composition of each person’s microbiota is unique, patterns of community structure have been identified which clearly associate with health or disease. Tufts investigators have joined the efforts to characterize differences in the composition of the microbiome in diverse populations, under different health conditions, following interventions and in response to diet.

The Phoenix Lab has participated in many of these projects, and is now ready to assist anyone interested in doing microbiome studies by offering sample-to- sequence services. We have the equipment, reagents and expertise to receive clinical samples from the investigator and deliver high-throughput 16SrDNA sequence data, ready for bioinformatic analysis.

The cost breakdown of the process for Tufts investigators is as follows:

Sample log-in and processing for storage $10/sample
Long term –800 C storage $1 /box/month (81 aliquots/box)
DNA extraction from samples $25/sample
Generation of 16SrDNA amplicons and assembly of amplicon pools for high-throughput sequencing $78/sample
High throughput sequencing on Illumina MiSeq $1600 per run (cost may be shared with other studies, depending on the number of samples

These services are available to investigators outside of Tufts, at the base price plus overhead.  Investigators interested in any or all of these services should contact the Phoenix Laboratory Director (; 617-636-7611) to discuss their project.