Surgical and Interventional Research Laboratories

Expert Consulting

With over 500 on-site surgeons, physicians and veterinarians, Tufts Medical Center's Surgical and Interventional Research Laboratories (SIRL) offers expert consulting on all study or training related elements.

Our team of specialists and professionals can assist you with:

  • Product proof of principal testing
  • Comparative testing
  • Prototype studies
  • Clinician/physician product evaluation
  • Next generation surgeon and clinician device feedback
  • Laboratory and didactic space and planning for sales and physician training conferences
  • Model development and selection
  • Surgical and interventional approaches
  • Device due-diligence services
  • Safety and efficacy testing
  • Novel histology and pathology analyses

To learn more about the services we offer or to schedule a tour of our facilities, please call 617-636-5613 or e-mail