Surgical and Interventional Research Laboratories

Interventional and Surgical Procedures

As a full-service research center, the Surgical and Interventional Research Laboratories (SIRL) at Tufts Medical Center aids industry partners by supporting in-vivo feasibility studies for medical devices and providing physician and sales representative training.

We have more than 30 years of experience working with industry testing medical devices and diagnostic tools. Some of the interventional and surgical procedures that we offer our clients include:

Cardiovascular Pacemakers, bypass, catheters, heart valves, stents, heart assist devices
Vascular Grafts, shunts, endovascular devices
Orthopedics Arthroscopic instrumentation, implants
Oral Maxillofacial Bone regeneration, implants, stem cell
Gastrointestinal Bariatric surgery, liver transplantation
Stereotactic Targeted treatment devices
Neurosurgery Sealants, shunts
Laparoscopy Instrumentation, access, devices
Wound Healing Topical, anti-microbial, stem-cell treatments
Hemostasis Mono and bipolar sealing devices, coagulation products
Imaging Fluoroscopy, ultrasound, laparoscopy
Urology Catheters, stents, dialyzers, implants
OB/GYN Ultrasound equipment, instruments used during cesarean section or normal birth, sensors for fetal monitoring

Our expert clinicians and technicians can provide endovascular access (percutaneous or cut-down), vascular access port placement, cavity preparation (thoracotomy, craniotomy, laparotomy, insufflation and trocar placement for laparoscopy), dental extractions and implants, and more. To learn about our surgical suites and facilities, click here.To learn more about what we can offer to fill your specific surgical needs or to tour our facility, please call 617-636-5613 or e-mail