For GME Applicants

Tufts Medical Center is committed to providing exceptional training and mentoring for our residents and fellows. One thing that really sets us apart is the fact that even though we are a large academic medical center, our trainees are essential members of our multidisciplinary treatment teams that work to make patient care better.

All applications should be sent through ERAS or directly to the program that you wish to apply to. If you have any questions related to your program application or the interview process please contact the coordinator of the program to which you are applying.

If you are a foreign medical graduate, please visit the ECFMG site for application information.

Helpful forms and resources:

We appreciate your interest in our training programs and look forward to receiving your application!

For Foreign Medical Graduates

Each year, we have new trainees join us from countries around the globe. If you are interested in one of our residency or fellowship programs and are a foreign medical graduate, please visit the ECFMG site for more information.

Tufts Medical Center generally sponsors J-1 training visas.

The Office of Internal Affairs at Tufts University offers help to international candidates find the programs that fit their educational and medical career goals, make it as easy as possible for them to successfully complete the application and requirements process, and make every effort – given the considerable competition – to place them in an appropriate program.

Massachusetts License

House Staff are required to hold a valid Massachusetts medical license during their training at Tufts Medical Center.  Please choose the appropriate license application from the description below. 

Initial Limited License Application

This application is for physicians who are enrolled in a post-graduate program in healthcare facilities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and have never held a license in the state of Massachusetts.  Please return your application to your program coordinator promptly to avoid licensing delays. Board regulations require that an applicant for a limited license must submit evidence of having achieved a passing score on Steps 1 and 2 of the USMLE, the first two levels of the COMLEX exam, or having received a certificate from the MCCQE.

Initial Limited License Application

MA Limited License Renewal 

The MA Board of Registration in Medicine now has an online Limited License renewal process.  Those House Staff staying in the same program in the same hospital, and those house staff changing programs within the same hospital will renew their limited licenses online.  You will receive a letter from your program coordinator with instructions when it is time for you to begin your renewal. 

Those house staff who are changing hospitals or rotators from out of state will still use paper applications. 

Limited License Renewal Application

Change of Program Limited License Application

This application is only for physicians who are changing a specialty, subspecialty, or training program outside their current institution, but within Massachusetts, or for physicians who have previously held a Massachusetts Limited License.

Change of Program Limited License Application

Limited License Renewal Application for Current Tufts Medical Center Trainees

Physicians who are remaining in their program and staying at the same hospital will renew online.  Your coordinator will send you a letter with login instructions when it is time for you to renew.  Please use this link to begin your renewal once you have received your letter.

In rare instances when an online renewal is not possible you may be instructed to use the paper application, but only when instructed to do so by the GME Office and your program coordinator.

Limited License Renewal Application

Full Licenses

Some trainees may prefer to obtain a MA Full license.  It is the responsibility of the physician to obtain and/or maintain licensure for the duration of their training if they apply for or have a Full license.

Full License Application

Note: If you hold or are applying for a Full MA license, please inform the coordinator of the training program you are entering.