Women in Medicine and Science (WiMS) Committee

The mission of the Tufts Women in Medicine and Science (WiMS) Committee is to promote the professional and personal development of women in medicine and science and to advocate for parity for women at our institution.  Founded in 2016 and supported by the Tufts Medical Center Physicians Organization, the Committee is comprised of 20 female faculty from Tufts Medical Center and Tufts Children's Hospital.     

We sponsor and host workshops, seminars and events geared to promote the professional and personal advancement of female faculty, and we advocate for parity in employment status by engaging with institutional leadership.

Chair: Perrie O'Tierney-Ginn, PhD
Chair Elect: Angie Mae Rodday, PhD, MS

WiMS Sub-Committees:

Sub-committees have been organized to advance activities and agendas that are central to achieving the overarching WiMS Committee mission. 

  • The Salary/Benefits Sub-committee (led by Agnieszcka Trzcinka) aims to promote salary equity and a benefits package that is appealing for recruitment, and addresses needs of current women faculty.
  • The Work-life Balance and Wellness Sub-committee (led by Aarti Grover) aims to foster policies and programs which allow women to maximize professional capacity while being mindful of physical and mental health.
  • The Leadership and Career Development Sub-committee (led by Hasene Ozlem Kasaroglu) aims to promote leadership and career development of women in medical sciences at different career stages through mentorship and sponsorship to increase academic parity at Tufts Medical Center and Tufts Children's Hospital.
  • The Public Relations and Networking Sub-committee (led by Tara Lavelle) aims to promote and support the overall WiMS mission and agenda, and to communicate the committee’s activities to internal and external stakeholders.