Marilyn Bowman

Nomination from Executive Director of Pediatrics and Perinatal Nursing Mary Beth Williams:

“Central to the Tufts Children's Hospital’s success is the Tufts Medical Center strategy for the Distributed Academic Medical Center®. And at the core of making this all a reality is Marilyn Bowman as she works seamlessly with John Schreiber, MD, Chief Administrative Officer and Chief of Pediatrics. 

“Marilyn defines integrity while she embodies clear thinking and clear communication in her continuous work with our affiliate partners. They trust her as she anticipates what they need and makes sure they have exactly what is needed. Marilyn is respectful to every person in literally every interaction and it is clear from our community partners how much they value the Tufts Children's Hospital and Tufts Medical Center partnership as well as their professional relationship with her. 

“Marilyn is not one to ‘toot her own horn.’ She supports others in their success and is always open and truthful in providing critical feedback to others that ensures their success. Her ability to put together the data so the picture is painted and is easily understood is consistently at the highest standard. She is ‘wicked smart,’ and is able to identify innovative and novel paths to further business opportunities for Tufts Children's Hospital and Tufts Medical Center through these affiliates. She commands the respect and admiration of the physicians she interacts with, as she can be counted on to greet each person with her gracious smile, an ear tuned for insightful listening and a response that always–always–adds value to the conversation.

“A new affiliate is Brockton Hospital. When I went to meet with the Brockton nursing team two weeks ago, along with Judi Cullinane and Eileen Callahan, to plan for this new partnership, it was clear as soon as we arrived that Marilyn was held in the highest respect by the Brockton leaders. They referenced her with 100% credibility. Marilyn had already paved the path for nursing to become involved with their nursing team through her identification of opportunities to partner (e.g. new sedation services, education for the nurses, outreach) with their team. 

“As a result, I was not making a ‘cold call’ to a new partner but rather, the relationship had already begun to form through Marilyn's credibility and inclusiveness. It was an exhilarating visit as Tufts Children's Hospital and Brockton teams explored and started the actual planning for this partnership; Marilyn's work underscored the entire hour. It was clear that the Chief Nurse at Brockton was invested in our success and was putting into place actions that will significantly grow our volume. We are in it together, with Marilyn tilling the soil in ways I keep discovering.”