Stephanie Witt

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Stephanie Witt, Unit Coordinator, Neely Neuroscience Center

Nomination from Keri O’Brien, then-Clinical Nursing Director, Neely Neuroscience Center and CRNs:

“Having been a Nurse for more than 25 years, I have never known a more caring individual. Stephanie excels as our unit coordinator–a role she has impressively expanded in her time at Tufts MC. She starts every day with a smile, bringing valuable energy and a personal touch to patient care. She assisted in creating our ‘Getting to Know You’ poster and suggestion box for patients and families, inviting them to share their experiences so we can improve our care. Stephanie ensures patients have what they need, whether it is water, a call light or a communication to their nurse. She performs safety audits, communicates with each nurse regarding documentation and enforces changes needing to be made.

“Stephanie is available in any emergency without being asked and is always composed and organized. One 25-year-old patient suffered a life-threatening injury. The many members of the family were devastated and in need of emotional support. She reserved a room for them to stay and rest, called hospitality to ensure they had nutritional support and checked with them regularly to offer pillows, linens and newspapers. Stephanie does whatever she can to provide comfort and care to all patients and families. She answers call lights during busy staff times to ensure patients know they are important to us. She is vital in ensuring our patients are safe, participating in regular rounding, ensuring alarms are on and all devices are within reach. She sits with patients who are confused and is aware of patients who are more chronic, lonely, have social needs or anxiety issues and makes it a habit to socialize with them.

“Stephanie is an important part of our team and makes a difference every single day. The Chief provides her with the patient admission and transfer plan every morning–she is that reliable! She attends bed meetings with the charge nurse, assists in moving patients to other units, understands emergent situations and always responds accordingly. She is a member of our Unit Based Practice Council, offering suggestions for care and staff utilization to improve efficiency as well as patient and family satisfaction. When she isn’t busy, Stephanie will ask, ‘Do you have a project for me?’ On her rounds she makes the nurse and other team members aware of a patient who may be confused, scared or anxious. When individuals frequently show up looking for another unit Stephanie will say, ‘I know where you need to go. Come with me and I will take you there.’ She always strives to do and be more. She is an inspiration.

“Stephanie is the poster child for the Tufts MC motto, "May I help you?" Staff approach her continuously because she always follows through and ensures needs are met. The health care system is in a time of change. Our unit requires flexibility. Quality and patient satisfaction are a priority. Length of stay is a priority. Accepting outside patients quickly from outside hospitals is a priority. Stephanie understands these priorities, as evidenced above. One of her strongest qualities is her perceptiveness. She always sees when a nurse is struggling or realizes when patients and visitors are in need of support. Having Stephanie Witt–her support, loyalty, dedication, talent and positive attitude–is one of the greatest gifts to our unit. She represents what Tufts MC stands for with every tenet of iCARE.”