Paula Munroe

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Paula Munroe, Patient Relations Specialist, Patient Relations

 Nomination from Heidi Waitkus, RN, Executive Director, Patient Care Services:

 “Paula is an ambassador, proudly helping patients, families and visitors navigate throughout our organization. She has been at bedside interviewing patients and in the ED helping support staff with unhappy people or patients wanting to tell their story. She is passionate about helping patients’ voices be heard and giving resolution to their concerns.”

 Nomination from Therese Hudson-Jinks, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Chief Nursing Officer & Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services:

 “Paula somehow has developed a way, an art, of seeing how to positively add kindness and a ray of hope in the lives of patients, even when faced with a vast array of challenges and concerns. In her role, she hears many complaints; instead of leading to burnout or negativity, Paula sees these as opportunities to make a difference.”

 Nomination from Doreen Hayward, Executive Assistant, Patient Care Services:

“Her compassion is extraordinary. I have seen her buy gifts for patients out of pocket to bring a smile to their face when they are down and out. Everyone has a story and she listens to them and makes them feel so comfortable. Paula is a special, caring person with a big heart and she truly is a True Blue employee.”

 Congratulations, Paula!