How can I support Tufts MC during COVID-19?

Make The Difference Fund Donations

When you support the The Make The Difference Fund at Tufts Medical Center, you are making a great impact on our efforts to give every patient the exceptional care they deserve and the best possible chance for survival and recovery from COVID-19.  

Tufts Medical Center has been at the forefront in preparing for the coronavirus pandemic since January, when we began a rigorous planning process to build our capacity to care for people with the virus and the anticipated surge of critically-ill patients. We have added in-house testing capabilities, significantly increased our number of intensive care (ICU) beds, acquired additional respirators and personal protective equipment (PPE), and created a comprehensive staffing plan to meet the extraordinary demand for critical care. Today, this planning has allowed us to quickly and effectively respond to the pandemic, including our ability to provide the highest-acuity, most compassionate care to the sickest of patients, many of whom are transferred to our ICUs from hospitals closer to their homes. 
Gifts to the Make The Difference Fund play a vital role in our lifesaving efforts by providing us with flexible funds to help meet the most immediate resource needs relating to our response to the crisis.

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Research and Innovation Fund Donations

Supporting the Research and Innovation Fund at Tufts Medical Center will provide funding to fast tract innovative research projects that directly address the urgent needs of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these innovative projects will change the way we treat patients, families, and underserved communities in non-COVID circumstances, all the while working to combat the effects of this virus now, which is enigmatic in its causes, treatment, and long term effects. Your gift to the Research and Innovation Fund will help our efforts to give every patient the exceptional care they deserve and the best possible chance for survival and recovery from COVID-19. 

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Community Fundraising

We are so grateful for the outpouring of support for Tufts Medical Center during the COVID-19 pandemic. Peer to peer fundraising is another excellent way to show your support. Invite your friends and family to support your virtual fundraising campaign – tell your personal story and share the message of the critical care and research taking place at Tufts Medical Center. Funds raised through the Make The Difference Fund provide unrestricted support for the most urgent needs of the Medical Center. Join our team and create your own fundraising page in support of Tufts Medical Center.

Meal and In-Kind Donations 

For those in the food service industry who would like to support our efforts, please contact Our team works with the Hospitality team onsite to coordinate the donations of commercially-prepared meals. (Please note: we are unable to accept homemade baked goods or meals at this time.) 

Below are a number of local restaurants and non-profits that we have worked with. Our medical teams are grateful for your support and have no preference. For safe health reasons, we prefer food and meals that are individually packaged and not shared and while everyone loves pizza, we discourage this option for the time being. Thank you!

Better Life Foods

Flour Bakery

Frontline Foods

Off Their Plate


Local Chinatown Eateries:

Asian Garden

Chinatown Cafe

Hong Kong Eatery

Wing's Kitchen

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Donations

Inquiries related to donating PPE may be directed to