myTuftsMed Patient Portal

As of April 2, 2022 we have introduced a new patient portal - myTuftsMed

myTuftsMed provides you with online access to your medical record. It can help you participate in your healthcare and communicate with your care team.

With myTuftsMed, you can :

  • View your health information in one place. See your medications, test results, appointments, medical bills, estimates, and more all in one place, even if you have received care at multiple healthcare organizations.
  • Schedule appointments and find care. Make appointments at your convenience, complete pre-visit tasks from home and find care or emergency room.
  • Connect with a doctor no matter where you are.
  • Take care of your children and other family members. Stay on top of everyone's appointments and check in on family members who need extra help, all from your account.

Access myTuftsMed

On your computer, go to:
On your mobile device, download the myTuftsMed app.

To install the myTuftsMed app, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for " myTuftsMed."

On your mobile device, open the Apple App Store (if you have an iOS device) or the Google Play Store (if you have an Android device). Look for one of the following icons to find the app store on your device:

apple app store and google play icons

Search for myTuftsMed.

Tap Install.

After you've installed the app, tap Open or find the myTuftsMed icon on your device and tap to open it