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Helpful tips for children in navigating wearing face masks

  • Help children understand why wearing a mask outside of the home, in public places and in the hospital is so important to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

  • Teach children how to properly wear a face mask. Place over the nose and the mouth and tie strings or elastics behind the ears.

  • Be a role model! Children learn from observing the practices of their family. If you practice mask wearing it will help your child to learn the importance.

  • Have your child practice wearing a mask at home.This way the child can learn how it looks and feels before leaving the house. 

  • Help your child create a play mask from extra fabric that they can use with dolls and/or stuffed animals. Offering children opportunities to act out new experiences through play can be helpful for a child’s processing. 

  • If it is possible, give your child the opportunity to pick out the design or color of the mask to be worn. When children have the opportunity to have a choice in picking out a mask, just like choosing what to wear for clothes, they may be more on board with wearing something new.