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The human body? There's a map for that

The human body is a highly complicated and incredibly complex web of organs, muscles, tissues, arteries, veins, nerves, joints, tendons and ligaments. But luckily, now there’s a map for that. Fourth year Otolaryngology (ENT) resident Jonathan Simmonds, MD, has created an extremely detailed, anatomically accurate map of the human body, in the style of the London Underground.

“I’ve always been a big fan of maps,” said Dr. Simmonds. “My grandfather designed schematics for a living and I have obvious passion for medicine and interest in studying human anatomy. I had seen human body schematics represented by region in anatomy textbooks and I wanted to do one myself that would be both visually pleasing and offer some scientific merit.”

It took Dr. Simmonds two years – and more than 100 hours – to complete the map. He had to conduct extensive research on both human anatomy and the London Underground to integrate as much scientifically accurate detail as possible into the full-scale, six-foot male body map. 

“It was a labor of love, but it was never tedious making the map,” said Dr. Simmonds. “I worked on it here and there, whenever I had a free hour or two.” 

Dr. Simmonds, who was born in England before moving to the United States at age 15, said he felt an enormous sense of accomplishment when the map was finally completed.

“It was the best feeling in the world,” he said. “I really had fun making it and the feedback from family, friends and colleagues has really validated the time and effort it took to do it.”

A Tufts University School of Medicine graduate, Dr. Simmonds is already thinking about his next project – a similar map of the female body.