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6 tips for a trimmer you


Create a Daily Routine

  • Set a daily wake-up time and bed time 
  • Have a structured eating pattern; focusing on breakfast, lunch and dinner and snack if appropriate 
  • Dress up for work or as if you are going out every morning—if you are always in sweatpants or other loose-fitting clothes, it’s easier to ignore weight gain

Focus on nutrient dense foods

  • Be sure to include whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meats
  • Plan your meals ahead, if possible
  • Try to buy whole foods such as apples, eggs or beans instead of heavily processed foods such as potato chips or granola bars whenever possible 
  • Have a structured eating pattern; focusing breakfast, lunch and dinner and snack if appropriate 
  • Get creative in the kitchen – you may have time to try new, healthy recipes

Think about how much you are eating

  • Manage your portions by using smaller plates or buying single serve items
  • Make ½ of your plate non-starchy veggies, ¼ plate whole grain, carbohydrates or starches, and ¼ plate lean protein

Get enough sleep

  • For most adults, that's seven hours or more per night

Take steps to manage your stress

  • Meditation, yoga, and a mindfulness practice can help 
  • Be aware of mindless eating which can be due to stress, anxiety and depression and can result in weight gain

Schedule regular exercise

  • Try an online workout class or a free app 
  • Gardening/housework still counts 
  • Walking outside is a great way to get vitamin D