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New Marketing Campaign Highlights Strength and Determination of Tufts Children's Hospital Patients


If you are a part of our Tufts Medical Center/Tufts Children's Hospital community, you know there is something special about Tufts Children's Hospital—the way we care for kids, our rich history of innovation and the smaller, more intimate atmosphere. All these elements and more are what make Tufts Children's great.

But the excellent care we provide to children is deserving of greater awareness. It is important that more and more parents and referring physicians know that Tufts Children's Hospital is an incredible and exceptional resource for pediatric health care.

Over the past year, the Public Affairs team partnered with the creative agency NAIL, to develop a marketing campaign for Tufts Children's Hospital that would stand out and make an impact both internally among our employees and externally to patients, families and referring physicians.

Understanding What Makes Tufts Children's Special

The project began by conducting extensive research with Tufts Children's Hospital employees, patients, parents, competitors and other key stakeholders to uncover the hospital’s strengths, challenges and key differentiators.

“Interviewing and listening to so many different groups was a terrific and enlightening process and a really important place from which to start,” said Laura Pierce, Manager of Public Affairs and Communications for Tufts Children's Hospital. “It enabled us to develop a real and true picture of Tufts Children's Hospital and create authentic messages for our marketing campaign, which we believe is very inspirational and moving.”

A Theme that Says it All: You Don’t Have to Be Big to Be Strong

You Don’t Have to Be Big to Be Strong. This is Tufts Children's Hospital’s new mission statement that expresses what we know to be true about our patients—even though they’re small, they’re tough and they’re strong.

Simultaneously, this message also exemplifies a great deal about Tufts Children's Hospital itself. While Tufts Children's may not be the largest children’s hospital, no other hospital is stronger in terms of talent, dedication, skill and heart.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a video that beautifully communicates children’s incredible strength, even in times of adversity, and how their determination motivates us to deliver the highest level of care for every child in need. Boston Bruins President Cam Neely, a strong supporter of Tufts Children's Hospital, helped connect us with actor, philanthropist and Boston native Denis Leary, who graciously donated his time and voice to the video.

“It is impossible not to be inspired by these Tufts Children's Hospital kids’ positive attitude and optimistic outlook,” said Leary. “These children, who have barely experienced life for themselves, are the ones teaching us the right way to live. It’s a story that needed to be told and it’s an honor for me to give a voice to their courage and spirit.”

The video currently is being shared through a three month social media campaign. Now in its third month, the video has received an incredible amount of success and support. Leary, the Bruins and Country 102.5 WKLB have all partnered with Tufts Children's Hospital to promote the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, countless Tufts Children's employees, patients and families have shared the video through their own social media channels.

Living the Message

So where does the Tufts Children's Hospital campaign go from here? To be honest, everywhere! Messages from the video now wrap elevator banks throughout the hospital. Posters have been hung in clinics, hallways and other common areas. Front desk staff is handing out “You Don’t Have to Be Big to Be Strong” stickers; band-aids are coming soon. The video continues to be shared through numerous social channels.

And this is just the beginning. Looking ahead to next year, we have many more plans to bring our message specifically to children and continue to enhance and brighten our physical spaces. We’re excited to share our future plans with you moving forward and hope that the words “You Don’t Have to Be Big to Be Strong” serve as a constant reminder of the toughness of our patients and the extraordinary strength we collectively bring to Tufts Children's Hospital.

To view the video: Children's-Hospital-Campaign.aspx. Please continue to share the video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other personal social media channels. Thank you!