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Infectious Disease Fellowship Testimonial


"I've also been meaning to thank you [Dr. Boucher] and Tufts MC for all the education you've afforded me. It's hard to notice when you're going through it as a fellow, but now that I'm almost a year as an attending, there are certain things that we just take as every day things at Tufts MC. My colleagues here are impressed that I came in knowing about, including but not limited to, taking non-HIV patients for pre-exposure prophylaxis, transplant and LVAD patients, and of course tick-borne illnesses. They even like the way we run our didactics, OPAT, and inter-city conferences .... [and] they've enjoyed the suggestions I've given them to make it more interactive. 

"In the short time I've been here, [I] teach some of the statistics lectures, I now head the CAUTI meetings, and I also became formally trained and now do wound clinic one morning a week, all things I learned at Tufts MC. In fact, our department head said that coming from Tufts MC was the top reason why they chose to hire me, because...everyone knows how amazing the program is. Thank you again for all of your guidance and education."

Edgar Sanchez, MD
Attending Physician
Orlando Health Infectious Diseases