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General Surgery Residency Testimonial

My years at Tufts will remain, forever, some of the best and happiest years of my life. Tufts General Surgery Residency program is a world-class hidden-gem in academic surgical training. At Tufts, I was able to grow extremely confident in my surgical skills as well as surgical decision making. Finishing with a high number of surgical procedures compared to the national average, I mastered advanced laparoscopy, performed numerous cutting edge oncology cases, enjoyed major pediatric surgical cases and learned level I trauma and surgical critical care education, all at the hands of stimulating academic leaders. More importantly, Tufts allowed me and many others to grow to our best potential, instead of asking us to be replicas of each other. I was supported unconditionally to pursue my research passions, my co-resident was helped to find his dream job in private practice, and a third was supported through his passion for global and humanitarian surgery. Besides, Boston remains, in my opinion, the most charming city in the US; for sure, nothing beats its beauty during the fall season!

Haytham Kaafarani, MD
Trauma Surgeon
Massachusetts General Hospital