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Chantal Loiseau's story: I'm not only a member of the Patient + Family Advisory Council. I'm a patient.

Description of Your Relationship with Tufts Medical Center and/or Tufts Children's Hospital:

I am Chantal Loiseau, a Tufts Medical Center patient for over twenty years, and so was my daughter during the course of her childhood entirely.  From the Patient Liaison, the General Medicine to the Pediatrics, the hospital crew has professionally and diligently taken at heart our health concerns.

What advice would you offer patients and/or their families who are receiving care at Tufts Medical Center (or Tufts Children's Hospital) to make their stay easier/most comfortable?

Seize the opportunity to have productive conversations with their doctors and nurses concerning their health issues. Patients with linguistic need should use the interpreter service, in order to communicate their concerns and become partners in the proper care they are seeking.

What helped you most during your stay/your family member’s stay at Tufts Medical Center (or Tufts Children's Hospital)?

My surgeon came every morning to check on me, and best of all, her compassionate manner put my mind in a peaceful state, making the healing accelerate.  Essentially, I was elated by the social worker who performed a fastidious evaluation of the service that I was getting; the outcome of her visit led to the expansion of my relationship with the hospital, as I subsequently became a founding member of PFAC. I was observed during my surgery by a few resident interns who paid me daily visits and asked questions regarding my health improvement as well.  I greatly appreciated everyone’s support.                                   

What area amenities (stores, restaurants, etc.) did you/your family find helpful:

At the time I had my surgery at the hospital, my family enjoyed buying some food at Au Bon Pain Restaurant, conveniently located in the same vicinity. In addition, they were able to savor their favorite coffee at the Dunkin Donut shop in the Proger Building.

Anything else you would like to say to patients and/or their family members:

 Please feel free to contact the Patient Liaisons unit in case you feel your inquiries are not properly fulfilled.  Their diligent professional staff will handle any issue you may have as a Tufts Medical patient.