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Ollie's story

I am Ollie J. Spears, 44 years of age and the proud father of three beautiful girls.

Ollie Spears before and after weight loss surgery

December 12, 2017, twenty months ago, I began my life changing, life-saving journey. Reborn on this day, I gained a new mindset, attitude, and outlook on life.  

In 2012, I reached out to Tufts Medical Center's Weight and Wellness Center for weight loss surgery consultation. At that time, I thought I was ready to lose weight and needed to do something drastic. I attended the initial meeting and completed the 1-day orientation class. Although I made appointments with both my psychologist and nutritionist, fear and uncertainty got the best of me. The closer I got to a surgery date the more I missed appointments, sabotaging myself. I disappeared for 4½ years, during which time I spiraled out of control. Making destructive decisions regarding food and drinking, my behavior seriously impacted my family mentally and emotionally. Not to mention, I was destroying myself physically.

When meeting with Laura, my behavioral health provider, she stated that I needed to be ready both mentally and emotionally and I would know with confidence when I was ready.  

The beginning of 2017, found me with four different prescriptions to address my diabetes, including two different insulins. I hit rock bottom when my blood sugar exceeded 500 and I suffered with severe incontinence. At this pivotal moment, I knew I had to do something. It was time to change my life. I threw caution to the wind and reached out to Jill and Laura to restart the program and was welcomed with open arms. Dr. Shah, with tough love told me to stop the “BS” and lose the required weight needed to change my life. It was at this time I became serious and did the work. Tracking my food, exercising and monitoring my portions allowed me to be assigned my surgical date for my gastric sleeve.

Since my surgery, I have gained complete access to my life with no restriction. I’m no longer embarrassed when I walk into a room searching to find the right chair to hold my weight. 

Although, I was terrified to have surgery, I knew within I only had one year left before I had a major heart attack or stroke. I was pushing 530 pounds.

Not looking back at my mistakes, but looking forward to the lessons I’ve learned...

Live life to the fullest, tomorrow isn't guaranteed. But life decisions and planning can help you live a little longer...