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Myra's story: Diet management

Myra after visiting the Weight and Wellness CenterOver the past thirty years I have followed at least five formal diets. However as soon as I drifted from those programs, the weight returned with a vengeance.

When I reached my heaviest weight, I knew I had to do something to call a halt to the food fest. I used food to cope with every emotion from delight to sorrow. A trip to the supermarket always included the purchase of two chocolate bars, one to eat in the car and one for later.

Last year I decided to learn how to deal with my food addiction. My primary care physician referred me to the Tufts MC Weight and Wellness Center. I particularly wanted to try the medically supervised diet. This turned out to suit me very well.

Portion control and attention to consuming enough protein were new concepts to me. The Weight and Wellness team are teaching me to be aware of which food and snack choices are best for me. They are extremely encouraging and supportive whilst offering great tips on how to deal with the day to day.

I have been in the program for a year now and I know it will take a lot more time to reach my goal. However I have not found the guidelines for this lifestyle diet too difficult.

I am excited to see what the next year brings!