What causes blisters?

A blister, or a bubble in the skin that is filled with fluid, can develop from friction on the skin, like from wearing ill-fitting shoes. Burns, infections or other health conditions, like cold sores, impetigo, contact dermatitis, shingles, eczema and genital herpes, can also cause blisters.

Blisters can be unsightly and uncomfortable, but generally, they are very treatable. Our dermatologists are highly skilled at diagnosing and treating blistering disorders with one simple goal: to get you back to feeling your best. 

Treatments for blisters on the skin

Depending on the type of blister, treatments can range from topical ointments to oral medications. Other times, blisters will heal by themselves and treatment may not be necessary.  But it’s important to have a proper diagnosis and treatment recommendation – that is something you can count on from the dermatologists at Tufts Medical Center.  

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Timothy Curran, DPM

Timothy Curran, DPM

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Michael McLeod, MD

Michael McLeod, MD

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Title(s): Dermatologist; Assistant Professor, TUSM
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