Microbial Pathogenesis and Host Response Research Training Program

The Division of Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases at Tufts MC seeks MD and PhD fellows with an interest in medically oriented, laboratory based, infectious diseases research for training in a unique and innovative program designed to prepare trainees for a career in Infectious diseases research. 

This post-doctoral program is offered in concert with the Howard Hughes sponsored MERGE-ID graduate program at Tufts University.  Fellows entering the program will be dually mentored by a laboratory based researcher and a clinical researcher and are expected to develop a translational project. 

MD’s entering the program will take PhD-level courses in host-pathogen interactions offered by the Dept. of Molecular Microbiology and the Program in Immunology. PhD’s entering the program will enroll in courses in medical infectious diseases which will include medical school curriculum in Problem based learning as well as clinical rotations with different infectious diseases practionners.  MD and PhD fellows will interact closely during shared research conferences and journal clubs.  The curriculum is specifically designed to provide fellows with strong grounding in a biomedical scientific discipline as well as the knowledge to understand the clinical implications of their work and move their discoveries to the bedside.  Fellows may chose mentors from world renowned faculty in Infectious DiseasesMolecular Microbiology or Immunology

This program is supported by a T32 training grant from NIAID.  Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or green card holders.  Please direct inquiries to Donna Cooke via email or phone 617-636-8877, option 2.

This training program includes faculty from the Infectious disease division at Tufts Medical Center, the Dept of Molecular Biology and Microbiology at Tufts Medical School and the Dept. of Pathology at Tufts Medical School.

Faculty associated with this program include Drs. Bunnell, Camilli, Chishti, Chow, Coffin, Doron, Golan, Griffiths, Heldwein, Hu, Isberg, Kent, Kumamoto, Leong, Levy, Mecsas, Poltorak, Poutsiaka, Selker, Snydman, Sonenshein, Stadecker, Thorley-Lawson, Thorpe, Wanke, Ward, Weinstock, Wong and Wortis.

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