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Madina Agenor, ScD Research

Madina Agenor, ScDThe Sexual Health and Reproductive Experiences (SHARE) Lab at Tufts University is a collaborative, multidisciplinary research group directed by Dr. Madina Agénor, Gerald R. Gill Assistant Professor of Race, Culture, and Society at Tufts University.

The SHARE Lab conducts cutting-edge quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research on the patient-, provider-, and policy-level social determinants of sexual and reproductive health inequities in relation to various dimensions of social inequality – especially sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, and gender identity – using an intersectional lens.

Topics of study include: intersecting sexual orientation, racial/ethnic, gender identity, and nativity disparities in cervical cancer screening and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination; sexual and reproductive health of sexual minority women, including Black sexual minority women; sexual and reproductive health of transmasculine individuals, including transmasculine people of color; and impact of policy– and provider-level factors on sexual and reproductive health and cancer screening and prevention equity.

SHARE Lab projects are led by Dr. Agénor and conducted in collaboration with undergraduate and graduate research assistants and junior and senior faculty colleagues at universities across the U.S., including Tufts University, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston Children’s Hospital, University of California at San Francisco, and Suffolk University.

The SHARE Lab’s ultimate goal is to help inform the development and implementation of evidence-based policies, programs, and practices that promote sexual and reproductive health among marginalized groups as well as equity in sexual and reproductive health outcomes.

Current projects 

  • Policy- and provider-level determinants of sexual orientation and racial/ethnic disparities in HPV vaccination among young U.S. women (funded by National Cancer Institute)
  • Multilevel social determinants of HIV/STI testing among transmasculine young adults of color (funded by National Institute of Mental Health)
  • Body image, romantic relationships, and sexual health among transfeminine and transmasculine young adults (with Dr. Allegra Gordon; funded by Aerosmith Endowment Fund at Boston Children’s Hospital)
  • Intersecting sexual orientation and racial/ethnic disparities in contraceptive care among U.S. women