Adolescent + Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Program

Model of Care

The Reid R. Sacco Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Program at Tufts Cancer Center focuses on you as a whole person. We offer age-appropriate, comprehensive care using a team-based approach. Your personalized Survivorship Care Plan, developed by the AYA Care Team, includes a cumulative Treatment Summary and a customized Follow-up Care Plan. Our model of care incorporates coordination and resource support.

Treatment Summary

What is a Treatment Summary?

The Treatment Summary includes details of your cancer diagnosis (diagnoses) and provides in-depth information about the treatments you have received. The entirety of your medical records is reviewed by a member of the AYA Program Care Team and then synthesized using established templates from national oncology organizations into an easy to read document.  

How can a Treatment Summary Help Me?

  • Provides details of the type of cancer you had and when your treatments began.
  • Helps improve your understanding of the treatments you received.
  • Serves as basis for the development of your Follow-Up Care Plan, which is your guide to ongoing individualized care.
  • Is available in paper or electronic form, making it easy to share with new doctors or your other health care providers who may not be aware of your health history.

Follow-Up Care Plan

What is a Follow-Up Care Plan?

The Follow-Up Care Plan lists all of your current health issues as well as potential concerns being monitored in one easy-to-read chart. It integrates recognized oncological survivorship guidelines with your medical history as listed in your Treatment Summary.

The comprehensive chart is organized by organ system and outlines:

  • Suggested ongoing  care (Ex: Blood pressure, ECHO/EKG, Total Body Skin Exam)
  • Reasons for the ongoing care (Ex: Surveillance, General wellness)
  • Frequency of suggested visits or tests
  • When your last visit or test was completed
  • Which provider or specialist to go to, for which visit

How can a Follow-Up Care Plan Help Me?

The Follow-Up Care Plan is tailored to your medical needs by the AYA Program Care Team to support your continued health management in survivorship.  It helps you manage and keep track of your long term follow-up care. It can also be used as a tool to share with other doctors you see to ensure they know you are taking an active role in your healthcare.

Coordination of Care and Resource Support

To assist you in coordinating your care, our Program Manager will work with you to schedule your AYA survivorship visit as well as any recommended specialty visits or tests. She is also available to help get your questions answered and to connect you with AYA-related resources.

Medical Training

Tufts Medical Center is Tufts University School of Medicine’s principal teaching hospital. Throughout the year the AYA Program is joined by medical students throughout their training who work with our providers in clinic and/or on AYA-related research studies. With your permission, students will have the opportunity to learn directly from you about AYA cancer survivorship and have acted as peer supports.

Interested in maximizing your ongoing health? 

We welcome any and all 18 to 39 year olds who have a history of cancer.  Clinic visits are covered by most insurance plans, but may require a referral before your visit. Check with your insurance company to find out about coverage, costs and if you need pre-authorization.  Schedule an Appointment or Contact Us with any questions.