Breast Surgery

One of the treatment options available at the Breast Health Center at Tufts Medical Center is surgery. Surgeons and oncologists share their expertise in surgical procedures and the full spectrum of services for benign and malignant breast conditions and cancers to best serve the patient.

Another team member that helps make the Breast Health Center at Tufts MC so special is our surgical oncologist, Abhishek Chatterjee, MD, who has an expertise in providing surgical treatments for breast cancer patients.

A national leader in breast surgery outcomes

When choosing a breast surgeon it is important to understand their outcomes and technical skill. Does the surgeon typically remove all of the breast cancer during the surgery? Does he/or she do this in a single operation or multiple? Learn more about how we are leading both locally and nationally in key outcomes for breast conservation surgery >

About oncoplastic surgery

Dr. Chatterjee uses a surgical technique called oncoplastic surgery - during which, he removes the breast tumor and provides reconstructive surgery all in the same procedure. While oncoplastic surgery is becoming more common, under 20 doctors nationwide have his expertise in being both a board certified plastic surgeon and fellowship trained breast surgical oncologist. The oncoplastic operation helps to limit the number of surgeries necessary for breast cancer patients and allows a woman to keep her breast and nipple.

Our Breast Surgery team is leading major research initiatives in surgical oncology techniques. Check out our latest publications: 

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