Your First Visit

This following information will help you prepare for your first visit to our Breast Health Center.

If you need help understanding the steps involved, please call our office at 617-636-5757.

Medical records

Please see the list below for records/reports collection. It is critical that we receive these records before your appointment.

  • Reports from all mammography, ultrasound and breast MRI from the past 3 years, including the radiology reports from the MRI, ultrasound or stereotactic core biopsy. If possible, send the post biopsy mammography report showing clip placement.
  • Pathology reports from all breast biopsies/surgeries
  • Treatment summary for your breast cancer

Requesting pathology slides

We will need to review the pathology slides from your biopsy done at any facility. Please call the Pathology Department of the hospital or medical facility where you had any of your biopsies and/or operation(s) to give them permission to send your pathology glass slide. There may be more than one place to contact. These slides need to be reviewed by our experts to ensure an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.

Give them permission to send to the address below and/or fax us at 617-636-8159.

Tufts Medical Center
800 Washington Street
Breast Center
Boston, MA 02111

Day of appointment

When you arrive for your appointment, you can expect to:

  • Fill out a health questionnaire
  • Meet the oncology team: physicians, oncology nurse, social worker
  • Have a physical exam
  • Participate in an explanation/discussion of the information and next steps
  • Receive information and resources about your diagnosis and treatment