New Patient Checklist

We've provided a number of steps that you can take to make your first visit at the Davis Myeloma and Amyloid Program clinic as seamless and easy as possible. Please don't hesitate to reach out to the program staff if you have any questions. 

Things to do before you arrive

When scheduling your first appointment with the Davis Program it is important to cover a few things in order to make your visit go smoothly. You should contact our Davis Program administrative assistant, Lori Brown, who can explain what needs to be done in order for both you and your doctor to be prepared for the appointment (617-636-6454). She will help you complete the following:

  • Provide us access to your medical record

Relevant documents from your medical record should be sent to us at Tufts Medical Center so that we can review your information before you arrive. This is essential for us to provide insight into your disease. To make this easier, you can fill out and sign the attached “Authorization for Release of Information” form and leave the “I hereby authorize” line blank. If you send us this form along with a list of your doctors, we will contact your health care providers for you to streamline the process.

  • Provide us access to your pathology slides and reports

By filling out and signing the attached “Patient Consent to Release Pathology Slides and Reports” form, you will give us access to any specimens relevant to your care. Once you have completed the form, you can send it to us with a list of your doctors and we will take care of contacting your providers for these samples.

Once you have completed these two forms you can send them to us in whatever way is easiest for you: mail (800 Washington Street, Box #826, Boston MA, 02111), fax (617-636-3175), or sending scanned copies through email (

  • Get a Tufts Medical Record Number (MRN)

If you are / have already been a patient at Tufts Medical Center, then you may already have an MRN. This is a unique number given to each patient at this hospital so that we can keep track of your records. If you are new to Tufts, Lori will register you and an MRN will be assigned to you.

  • Check appointment time

It is important to arrive on time for appointments so that we have adequate time to perform necessary lab work in addition to your actual appointment with your doctor. Double-checking your appointment times will make sure you are not rushed upon your arrival.

Things to bring

There are several things that you should bring that will make it easier for your doctors to keep track of your information and will also make your visit more comfortable. These things include:

  • Valid state identification, insurance card, and copay information

These will all be important when you are checking in to the hospital.

  • Up to date medication / allergy list

A list of your current medications and allergies is needed for your medical records and will provide your doctors with important information in case you are expected to have any procedures done that day. This list will be useful both for your own reference as well as your doctor’s, so having a photocopy on hand would be helpful.

  • List of your doctors

A list of previous doctors can be helpful in many ways. If you have any outside records that we wish to get access to we will need to contact your other current care givers (like your primary care physician or a local hematologist) in addition to any doctors you have seen in the past. Even if you no longer see them, they may possess information that could contribute to your care, and it would make the process much easier if you could provide us with a list of their names and phone numbers.

  • Notebook

Many patients find it helpful to have a notebook ready to take notes on during their appointment. If you have any specific questions that you know you would like to ask you can also write these down in advance so that we make sure we get a chance to speak with you about everything.

  • Sweater or jacket

Hospital temperatures can vary, and it can sometimes get chilly while you wait!

  • Reading materials / electronics

You can access our free, public Wi-Fi from anywhere in the hospital.

Once you arrive

It can be difficult to navigate your way through a new hospital, so it may be helpful for you to consult a map or ask one of our Tufts Medical Center volunteers, stationed at the main Washington Street entrance, to escort you to our clinic located on the 8th floor of the South Building.

Directions to the clinic

From the main hospital entrance:

  • The main hospital entrance is located at 800 Washington Street
  • Take the Atrium elevators to the 8th floor
  • Once on the 8th floor walk down the hallway to your right
  • Our clinic is located all the way at the end of the hallway

From the South building entrance:

  • The South building entrance is located at 860 Washington Street
  • Take the South building elevators to the 8th floor
  • The doors will open right across from the check in area

Checking in

  • There will be signs present to help you find the area where you will check in
  • When checking in you will present your information; it is important to know the name of the doctor you are seeing
  • After checking in you will receive further instructions on where to wait for your appointment

Download a PDF of the checklist and associated forms >