Cancer Center

Community Oncology

The Tufts Medical Center Cancer Center is proud to partner with some of the top oncologists, oncology medical homes and cancer centers in New England. We work closely with our partners to learn from each other, share resources and knowledge and provide the best possible treatments and experiences in the best location for our patients.

Tufts MC Cancer Center in Stoneham

In September 2017, MelroseWakefield Hematology and Oncology is became the Tufts Medical Center Cancer Center in Stoneham, enhancing the services that are offered in the MelroseWakefield communities. The Tufts MC Cancer Center in Stoneham can provide patients with greater access to services, academic medical center specialists, seamless transitions to Boston if needed and more resources locally. 

Lowell General Cancer Center

Tufts Medicine was formed by the joining of Tufts Medical Center and Circle Health, which includes Lowell General Hospital, in 2014. Circle and Tufts MC created Tufts Medicine to provide Massachusetts hospitals and physicians with a new option for provision of high quality, high value care. Historically, academic medical centers have asserted leadership over community hospitals. Tufts Medicine brings together the strengths of academic medicine and community care in a model that respects both equally.

As part of Tufts Medicine, we work closely with our colleagues in the Lowell General Cancer Center to bring world class treatments, clinical trials and specialty care to patients North of Boston.

NEQCA Community Oncologists

NEQCA has more than 1,800 physicians across eastern Massachusetts caring for more than 500,000 patients. Often referred to as the network where the doctor still matters, NEQCA is a partnership of community and academic physicians dedicated to providing comprehensive, innovative, high quality and affordable health care that brings value to patients and the community. Tufts Medical Center is NEQCA’s academic partner.  

Tufts MC Cancer Center physicians are part of NEQCA and work with our colleagues in the community to share resources, provide second opinions and perform complex care not available outside of an academic medical center. We also sit on the NEQCA Department of Medicine Quality Initiative Committee.