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Cancer Center

Message from the Director

Dr. Andrew Evens is a lymphoma specialist and oncologist in Boston at Tufts Medical Center.Welcome to the Tufts Cancer Center in Boston!  I am honored and truly privileged to work alongside our team of expert cancer providers and compassionate staff with the overarching mission of delivering outstanding cancer care in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Patients and families can be confident that they are receiving the most contemporary and expert cancer care at Tufts Medical Center that is delivered by a highly compassionate team of internationally recognized cancer experts. All aspects of cancer care are encompassed within our Cancer Center including expert pathologic and radiologic diagnoses, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, gynecologic oncology, pediatric oncology, neurosurgical oncology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, urology, palliative care and hematology and medical oncology.

At the Tufts Cancer Center, a primary goal is to make your cancer care seamless and convenient for you and your family. This is accomplished in part by working together as a team internally as well as with collaborating with all other needed providers, including outside of our system.  We know that if we are going to continue to beat cancer, it will be done as a true ‘team’ with all of the needed providers and specialists centered around you. Moreover, we develop a highly personalized diagnostic, treatment, and supportive care plan for each individual patient (i.e., “personalized medicine”).

In addition, the Tufts Cancer Center has a rich history of conducting innovative and groundbreaking laboratory, translational, and clinical cancer research. This includes multiple innovative cancer research centers and capabilities that are highly unique to our region (e.g., the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, etc). The Tufts Cancer Center also has access to a multitude of cutting-edge cancer treatments that are available via cancer clinical trials; for many of these trials, the Tufts Cancer Center is the only center in New England where they can be found.

Finally, we offer unparalleled supportive care services and resources for patients and their families. This includes the ‘Neely House’ (made possible by the Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care), which is a unique residential facility that has cared for nearly 10,000 families since it’s founding. Furthermore, the Neely House remains the only “in house” facility in Boston to help cancer patients and their families during their treatment.  We're also thrilled to have partnered with the New England School of Acupuncture and Donaldson Charitable Trust to offer holistic and alternative therapies (e.g., massage, acupuncture, and Reiki) where we are the only center in Boston to offer these services completely free for the patient.  

Thank you again for considering our Cancer Center to help guide you and your family through your cancer care. Please never hesitate to contact me or any member of our team of cancer specialists. We are happy to help in any way. 

Best regards,

Dr. Andy Evens
Director, Tufts Cancer Center