Tour the Cath Lab

One of the most common procedures that the Interventional Cardiology team at Tufts Medical Center preforms is a cardiac catheterization in our Cath Lab. This procedure helps our expert interventional cardiologists diagnose and treat a range of cardiac conditions. 

We know that any procedure can be intimidating or scary for our patients, which is why we created the below 360 video tours. These tours show you what you can expect during the preparation for and actual procedure. 

If you're viewing the videos on a desktop, use the arrows in the top left corner of the video to navigate around the room.  

Part 1
During this part of the virtual tour of our Cath Lab, you'll see how the interventional cardiology team at Tufts MC helps prepare you for your cardiac catheterization by going over the details of the procedure and obtaining consent.

Part 2
During this part of the virtual tour, you'll see the preparation that occurs before the start of your procedure. 

Part 3
During this part of the virtual tour, you'll see the check that our team undergoes before we start the procedure. See what the Cath Lab looks like and how we prepare as a team for the procedure.