Colon and Rectal Surgery

Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Surgery

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are two of the most common inflammatory bowel diseases. Although there are no medical or surgical therapies that will cure Crohn’s disease, some treatments can reduce symptoms and complications. Typically, patients with Crohn’s disease are prescribed medications that reduce inflammation. Surgical approaches are usually only used to manage complications of the disease that are not treatable with medications. The doctors in the Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery at Tufts Medical Center are experienced in using these surgical approaches when issues such as toxic colitis, bowel perforation, fistulas, abdominal abscesses, obstruction severe bleeding and cancer or pre-cancerous changes develop. Learn more about Crohn’s disease treatment options at Tufts Medical Center.

Ulcerative colitis is usually treated through lifestyle changes and medication. When these techniques do not work, if there are warning signs of cancer or if a patient has serious complications or is unable to tolerate medications, surgical consultation may be needed.

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