Dermatology services at the Tufts Medical Center Specialty Center in Quincy, MA (Crown Colony) are provided by Dr. Bichchau (Michelle) Nguyen. Dr. Nguyen has expertise in treating:

  • high-risk squamous cell carcinoma,
  • skin cancers in organ transplant recipients,
  • basal cell nevus syndrome and other genetic predisposition to skin cancers patients with history of multiple skin cancers,
  • recurrent skin cancers and difficult to manage skin cancers

At the Quincy Specialty Center, Dr. Nguyen provides diagnosis, treatment and long-term management of these conditions on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Dr. Nguyen also has colleges at Tufts Medical Center in Boston who have various areas of expertise.

Learn more or book an appointment for dermatology services today by calling 857-403-4600.