Advanced Dentistry

The Advanced General Dentistry Service provides sophisticated dental treatments with expertise in meeting the needs of all patients, including those with advanced medical problems and intellectual disabilities with special needs.  The Advanced General Dentistry Service provides post-doctoral training as well as faculty staff that offers comprehensive dental care including:

  • Routine dental exams
  • Dental cleanings
  • Dental restorations
  • Root canals
  • Periodontal surgery
  • Dentures
  • Dental implant restorations
  • Advanced dental rehabilitation
  • Consultants to dental specialty services (braces, temporomandibular dysfunction ‘TMD’)
  • Other special services include prostheses for patients with atrophic jaw bones and prosthetic reconstruction of patients missing segments of the jaws secondary to cancer surgery, trauma or congenital defects.

To request an appointment or make a referral, please call 617-636-4067.