The Facial Nerve Paralysis Team

Our team at Tufts Medical Center is committed to providing individualized medical and surgical care for both adults and kids with weakness or paralysis of the face in order to improve their facial function, aesthetics and quality of life.

Weakness or paralysis of the face can occur from a variety of causes. Some individuals are born with the paralysis, whereas others acquire facial weakness later in life. Some of the acquired causes include: 

  • Bell’s palsy
  • Trauma to the temporal bone or face
  • Infection
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Tumor
  • Stroke
  • Related to a prior surgery
  • Neurologic or metabolic disease

Since the underlying diagnosis can vary, a thorough work-up should be completed by your doctor to understand the source of the facial paralysis. Some patients have mild weakness, others have focal areas of absent facial movement, while some are left with permanent paralysis of the entire face. Learn about our treatment options >

We have a passion for taking care of both adults and kids with all forms of facial weakness and paralysis. Our dedicated, multidisciplinary team provides specialty care with an emphasis on listening, patient education and personalized treatment plans that meet the patient’s priorities and help restore facial balance.