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Hearing Loss + Amplification Program

It starts with having the TV or radio turned up too loud, struggling to follow conversations and feeling like you constantly have to ask your friends and family to repeat themselves. When you have consistently muffled hearing or difficulty hearing background sound, you may be experiencing the first signs of hearing loss.

Whether you’re just beginning to notice the effects or you’ve been living with hearing loss for many years, the Hearing Loss and Amplification Program at Tufts Medical Center in Boston is here to provide the evaluation and care that you need.  We’ve brought together a team of otolaryngologists, audiologists and a hearing instrument specialist to evaluate your hearing loss and provide lifelong care.

Evaluating hearing loss developing a care plan

To evaluate your hearing loss, our licensed audiologists will conduct a variety of diagnostic tests to get to the bottom of your hearing problem. These tests may include:

  • Pure tone air and bone conduction testing
  • Speech audiometry testing
  • Immittance battery testing
  • Distortion-Product Otoacoustic Emmissions testing

After the evaluation, your audiologist will determine your severity and type of hearing loss and will discuss the results with you and your physician.

Now that we have a better sense for your hearing loss, otolaryngologist, Jonathon S. Sillman, MD, FACS, will walk you through the possible care options for your hearing loss. These treatments range from surgical corrections for structural issues, medical therapy for hearing loss caused by infection, corticosteroid use to improve healing of inner ear structures, cochlear implants and more. One of the most common treatments for hearing loss is the prescription of a hearing amplification device, also known as a hearing aid.

Hearing aids – finding the best fit

Daniel Barchie, hearing amplification specialist.When most people think of a hearing aid, they picture the bulky, beige device that drew attention to a person’s hearing loss. Those days are long gone – hearing aids have evolved dramatically over the last 15 years. The devices on the market today offer better sound quality and aesthetic appeal than the devices of the past. 

Trying to decide which device is best for you is not a task you should take on by yourself. Our state-licensed hearing instrument specialist, Daniel Barchie, will be there with you every step of the way.

After learning more about your goals and lifestyle, Daniel will lay out the options and special features of the devices that will best fit your needs.  As a hearing aid wearer himself since 1999, Daniel is able to use his personal experience facing hearing loss to guide you through the process of selecting a hearing aid.

After selecting a hearing aid, Daniel will help you order the aid and once it comes in, will fit and program it to your unique needs. He’ll walk you through how wearing a hearing aid may impact your life and will help you set up a regular maintenance schedule. He’s also available should you run into any issues with the device.  

To make an appointment with Daniel, please call 617-636-8724.

Jonathon S. Sillman, MD, FACS
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Jonathon S. Sillman, MD, FACS

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