Ear, Nose + Throat (ENT) - Head + Neck Surgery

Helpful Patient Downloads

New Patient Paperwork

At your first visit in this department, you will need to fill out paperwork.  All of our physicians require you to fill out a Medication List as well as their individual patient questionnaires.  You may click on the links below to select the Medication List as well as the paperwork for each physician.  If this is done prior to the visit, this will speed along the process on your appointment day.

Medication List

Dr. Elie Rebeiz

Dr. Arnold Lee

Dr. Jonathon Sillman

Dr. Richard Wein

Dr. Miriam O'Leary

Dr. Mark Vecchiotti

Dr. Andrew Scott

Informative Documents

Acid Reflux Precautions

Information on Reflux Disease (LPRD)

Nosebleed Instructions (English)

Nosebleed Instructions (Cantonese)

Wound Care