Ear, Nose + Throat (ENT) - Head + Neck Surgery

Here to help you with ears, nose and throat issues

When dealing with your ability to hear, speak, swallow or simply breathe comfortably, you want the best, most experienced medical specialists you can find. If you are struggling with problems related to your ears, nose and throat, the Department of Otolaryngology (Head + Neck Surgery) at Tufts Medical Center is for you. Our exceptionally skilled and veteran physicians specialize in a range of Ear, Nose + Throat (ENT) procedures, from operations of the nose and ears to vocal therapy, as well as head and neck surgery.

Remembering Elie Rebeiz, MD, FACS

Dr. Elie Rebeiz, a beloved member of the Tufts Medical Center community, passed away on March 25, 2021 from pancreatic cancer. A passionate educator, skilled surgeon and dedicated father and husband, Dr. Rebeiz most recently served as Otolaryngologist-in-Chief for Tufts Medical Center and Professor and Chairman of Otolaryngology for Tufts University School of Medicine. His service to the Tufts Medical Center community spanned 24 years. Dr. Rebeiz built the Tufts Medical Center Otolaryngology Department from the ground up. He was a father figure to many and is remembered as generous, respectful, personable and endlessly available. We will all miss him.


What to expect

You can expect a warm, welcoming atmosphere where patients are treated as family. We make every effort to make your experience as pleasant and hassle-free as possible. Our multidisciplinary, team approach makes it possible to schedule same day appointments with different specialists so you don’t have to travel three or four times to meet with different doctors.

What we do

We treat a range of disorders of the ears, nose, face, sinuses, mouth, throat, larynx and neck in both adults and children. In addition to standard ENT procedures, from ear tubes to tonsils, we also offer a number of highly specialized services, including head and neck surgery, plastic surgery, skull base surgery, cochlear implants, voice restoration and facial reconstructive operations.