Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Endocrinology Grand Rounds

2021-2022 Speaker Series Lectures

“100 Years of Insulin”(9/21/21)
Dr. Irl Hirsh

“Post Transplant Diabetes Mellitus” (9/28/21)
Dr. Meenu Jain

“Selected topics in pheochromocytoma” (10/05/21)
Dr. Irina Bancos

“Utility of TBS in the management of Osteoporosis” (10/19/21)
Dr. Ipsa Arora

"Acromegaly" (10/26/21)
Dr. Maria Fleseriu

“Adrenocortical Carcinoma” (11/16/21)
Dr. Ipek Alpertunga

“Management of Male Hypogonadism” (11/30/21)
Dr. Van Phan

“Transgender Medicine” (12/07/21)
Dr. Michael Irwig

"Overview of Hair loss disorder and management of excess hair growth" (1/11/22)
Dr. Farah Moustafa

“Topics in Male Endocrinology” (1/18/22)
Dr. Dan Spratt

“Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease” (1/25/22)
Dr. Steven E. Nissen

“Updates on Surgical Management of Pituitary Adenomas” (2/1/22)
Dr. Mina Safain

“Advanced Thyroid Cancer Genomics” (2/15/22)
Dr. Inigo Landa

TBD – Tufts Endocrine Fellow Presentation (2/22/22)
Dr. Van Phan

“Pathology Presentation” (3/1/22)
Dr. Arthur Tischler

"Kisspeptins and reproductive endocrinology" (3/15/22)
Dr. Victor Navarro

“Topic TBD” (3/22/22)
Dr. Michael Dansinger

“Topic TBD” (3/29/22)
Dr. Andra Dunaif

“American Diabetes Association and Policy” (4/5/22)
Dr. Nuha El Sayed

"Robotic and Minimally invasive appraoches to the thyroid"(4/19/22)
Dr. Jeremiah Tracy

TBD – Tufts Endocrine Fellow Presentation (4/26/22)
Dr. Ipek Alpertunga

TBD – Tufts Endocrine Fellow Presentation (5/3/22)
Dr. Ipsa Arora

TBD – Tufts Endocrine Fellow Presentation (5/17/22)
Dr. Meenu Jain

“Hyperparathyroidism” (5/24/22)
Dr. John Belezikian

ADA Conference (06/07/22)

Endo Society Conference (6/14/22)