Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism


Evaluation of the Program is an ongoing process. Fellows are evaluated in all aspects of clinical activities and patient care, including attributes of professionalism. Feedback is constantly being given to the Fellows by the faculty on a day-by-day basis.

Evaluation forms developed by the American Board of Internal Medicine are used for formal evaluation of the trainees on a biannual basis. The forms are submitted to the Program Director who will meet with each trainee to review the forms. At the end of each year, the Program Director will prepare a written summary of the evaluations for each trainee documenting the degree to which the trainee has mastered each component of clinical competence.

Fellows are also evaluated with respect to their research performance. This will be done solely by the research mentor, who will communicate his/her recommendation directly to the Program Director.

Trainees will also evaluate the faculty on a biannual basis using evaluation forms developed by the American Board of Internal Medicine. These forms will be given to the Program Director and will be discussed at a faculty meeting. The purpose of the meeting will be to address any perceived weaknesses or problems in the Program and develop a plan to improve those parts.