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Experts on the nutritional aspects of gastrointestinal disorders

In order for your body to benefit from the foods you eat, your gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestine, liver and pancreas) must be able to process and absorb nutrients. That's why many gastrointestinal disorders can prevent your body from getting the nutrients it needs.

The Gastroenterology/Nutrition Clinic at Tufts Medical Center in Boston can manage routine gastroenterologic issues, but has particular expertise in managing the nutritional aspects of gastrointestinal disorders. We offer a level of specialization that is rarely found in community hospitals or even major academic medical centers.

Our team provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for people once they're out of the hospital. The Division of Clinical Nutrition's Nutrition Support Service offers similar services for those patients hospitalized at Tufts MC. Our personnel work together to deliver seamless support during the transition from inpatient to outpatient.

Meet Dr. Joel Mason, our Program Director

When it comes to your medical care, you want the best. At Tufts MC, you'll find one of the nation's foremost authorities on nutritional complications caused by gastrointestinal disorders.

Joel Mason, MD, who leads the Gastroenterology/Nutrition Clinic, has been widely recognized for excellence in patient care. Among his many accolades, he has been ranked among the top 1% of gastroenterologists nationwide by U.S. News & World Report. In addition, his peers have named him one of Boston Magazine's Top Doctors each year since 2008.

Dr. Mason has a national and international reputation for his research into the impact of nutrition on cancer. As Director of the Vitamins and Carcinogenesis Laboratory, he focuses on how B-vitamins and obesity affect colorectal cancer risk, with the ultimate goal of developing new prevention strategies.

Everything you need, in one clinic

Managing the nutritional aspects of gastrointestinal disorders requires a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic tools — all of which are available at our clinic.

If your doctor has struggled to determine the precise nature of your problem, we can use specialized tools to make the diagnosis. Dr. Mason is especially skilled in managing gastrointestinal disorders in which people cannot absorb nutrients properly, such as celiac disease, Crohn's disease and pancreatic insufficiency. Another of his specialties is overseeing care for people who need intensive, at-home nutritional support, such as enteral (tube feeding) or parenteral (IV nutrition) feedings.

Dr. Mason often calls on the expertise of Tufts MC colleagues to enhance patient care. For instance, registered dietitians from the Frances Stern Nutrition Center can assess your nutritional status and recommend dietary changes. Other common collaborators include endocrinologists who specialize in bone disorders and lipid disorders, as these conditions often occur along with the conditions we see.

Some patients only visit our clinic a few times before we refer them back to their primary care doctor. Other patients benefit from long-term management. No matter how long you're in our care, you'll see that we back our clinical expertise with a strong sense of compassion and commitment to helping you get better.

Joel B. Mason, MD

Joel B. Mason, MD

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Title(s): Gastroenterologist; Professor, Tufts University Schools of Medicine and Friedman School of Nutritional Science and Policy; Senior Scientist and Director, Vitamins and Carcinogenesis Laboratory, Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University
Department(s): Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Gastroenterology
Appt. Phone: 617-636-5883
Fax #: 617-636-1480

Malabsorption and unintentional weight loss, Inflammatory bowel disease, nutritional aspects of gastrointestinal disease, home nutritional therapy, enteral and parenteral nutrition

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