Hernia Program

The Hernia Surgery Program in the Division of General Surgery at Tufts Medical Center in Boston is home to a team of specialized experts who work with you to make sure that you’re receiving the best treatment for your hernia condition. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with an inguinal, incisional or ventral hernia, our team has you covered.

There are several treatment options for each type of hernia and you can count on our surgeons to work with you every step of the way. Using open or laparoscopic surgery, our experts figure out which procedure is right for you.   

Being among one of the first hospitals to begin using laparoscopic treatment, Tufts Medical Center has a long history of hernia repairs. Our extensive background, volume of surgeries and years of experience allow us to provide our patients with the best treatment possible. At Tufts Medical Center you are in the right hands.

What are your treatment options?

A hernia is a weakened spot in your abdominal musculature, so our surgeons figure out the best way to repair and strengthen the damaged area using primary or mesh repairs. Primary repairs require sewing of the abdominal wall tissues back together. Mesh repairs require a synthetic or biologic patch to be placed over the defect area.  

In complex cases, our doctors team up with the Division of Plastic Surgery to do tissue transfer to repair difficult or recurrent herniae. Our surgeons will work with you to determine which procedure is right.