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Recent community events

Below are some of our recent events held for community members and patients.

Community Outreach Coordinator Report
Program Type Prevention Screening
Cancer Site Selected Colorectal Cancer Head and Neck Cancer
Need Addressed / Reason for Program Colon cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths among Asians in Boston. This illustrates a need for continued interventions in Boston communities, including Tufts' host neighborhood Chinatown. Tufts has an elevated percentage of smokers in their target population. Due to this the risk of head and neck cancer is increased. 
Date Need Identified and Documented in Minutes Unclear - not found in minutes; However, see Community Health Needs Assessment 5/24/16
Date of Activity 5/7/16 10/27/16
Activity & Location Community presentation to raise education and awareness on colorectal cancer prevention in Gee How Oak Tin Association nursing home in Chinatown head and neck cancer screening in the Otolaryngology Clinic
Tools Offered Oral presentation delivered by a colorectal cancer physician, who was fluent in Chinese. physical exam of the oral cavity, oropharynx, hypopharynx, larynx, ears and neck
Number of Participants 35 participants attended the presentation 10 patients were scheduled for screening, 7 of these patients came to the screening.
Summary of Activity An oral presentation was given to a group of community members at the Gee How Oak Tin Association in Chinatown. The presentation focused on raising awareness on colorectal cancer and ways of prevention. This event took place on 5/17/2016. Patients presented to the screening and were evaluated by the providers with a physical exam of the oral cavity, oropharynx, hypopharynx, larynx, ears and neck.  The event was held on 10/27/2016
Effectiveness Because the presentation was given in Chinese, the participants were able to understand the information presented. A formal Q&A session was held at the end of the presentation, during which many questions were also asked after the presentation about colorectal cancer and how to prevent it. Upon screening all patients who attended the event, there was a low rate of suspicious findings.
Follow-Up Process Contact information for the colorectal cancer office at Tufts Medical Center was provided to all participants should they intend to present for formal evaluation or to share additional concerns. Patients with suspicious findings are scheduled for formal office consultations 
National Guideline or Intervention  Followed US Preventative Task Force recommendations Head & Neck Cancer Alliance guidelines
Date Activity Assessed 12/13/16 12/13/16