Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases

Service Levels

Level 1: Educate

  • Provide on-site or webinar education for staff as well as documentation to use for future trainings

  • Telephone consultation to discuss appropriate audience for scheduled training & education session

  • Face to Face or webinar training & education session

  • Creating organization-specific materials to market planned webinars

Level 2: Review and Assess*

  • General review of current anti-microbial stewardship efforts in place with summary of recommendations

  • One day sampling of antibiotic use

  • Assessment of compliance with regulatory requirements regarding anti-microbial stewardship program

  • Meeting with organizational leadership to discuss current requirements and ROI of a stewardship program

  • Addition 10 hours with MDs and 15 hours with Specialty Pharmacists

Level 3: Analyze*

  • One time detailed review of organization’s antibiotic utilization in last 12 months and benchmarking of performance

  • One time retrospective medical record review to identify largest opportunities for improvement in past 12 months

  • 15 hours of MD time and 25 hours with Specialty Pharmacists

Level 4: Advise*

  • Availability for weekly telephone or web conferences to discuss individual cases

  • Quarterly record reviews to provide  guidance  on opportunities for improvement

  • Quarterly progress reporting on antibiotic usage relative to benchmarks and financial  impact to the organization

  • Additional 204 hours with MDs and 52 hours Specialty Pharmacists annually

Level 5: Manage*

  • Full implementation and oversight of organization’s antimicrobial stewardship program

  • Policy/Procedure/Protocol development with clinical staff

  • Daily availability for record reviews and  discussions that can include patient specific recommendations
  • Additional 208 hours with MD and 104 hours with Specialty Pharmacists annually

 * Also includes all services before this level