Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases

Service Levels

Level 1: Educate

  • Provide on-site or webinar education for staff as well as documentation to use for future trainings

  • Telephone consultation to discuss appropriate audience for scheduled training & education session

  • Face to Face or webinar training & education session

  • Creating organization-specific materials to market planned webinars

Level 2: Review and Assess*

  • General review of current anti-microbial stewardship efforts in place with summary of recommendations

  • One day sampling of antibiotic use

  • Assessment of compliance with regulatory requirements regarding anti-microbial stewardship program

  • Meeting with organizational leadership to discuss current requirements and ROI of a stewardship program

  • Addition 10 hours with MDs and 15 hours with Specialty Pharmacists

Level 3: Analyze*

  • One time detailed review of organization’s antibiotic utilization in last 12 months and benchmarking of performance

  • One time retrospective medical record review to identify largest opportunities for improvement in past 12 months

  • 15 hours of MD time and 25 hours with Specialty Pharmacists

Level 4: Advise*

  • Availability for weekly telephone or web conferences to discuss individual cases

  • Quarterly record reviews to provide  guidance  on opportunities for improvement

  • Quarterly progress reporting on antibiotic usage relative to benchmarks and financial  impact to the organization

  • Additional 204 hours with MDs and 52 hours Specialty Pharmacists annually

Level 5: Manage*

  • Full implementation and oversight of organization’s antimicrobial stewardship program

  • Policy/Procedure/Protocol development with clinical staff

  • Daily availability for record reviews and  discussions that can include patient specific recommendations
  • Additional 208 hours with MD and 104 hours with Specialty Pharmacists annually

 * Also includes all services before this level

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Infectious Disease specialists lead the way in antimicrobial stewardship

Antimicrobial resistance is becoming a public health crisis which threatens patient outcomes. Antimicrobial stewardship programs can help optimize antimicrobial use in your care facility.

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What our clients say about us

"The Tufts Medical Center Antimicrobial Stewardship team provided our hospital with much needed expertise to reduce antibiotic usage, and to deescalate broad spectrum antibiotic coverage. Our hospital witnessed reduced C Diff incidence and severity as well as significant cost savings for antibiotic overuse.  I highly recommend this program to any healthcare organization that is addressing antibiotic stewardship implementation.” - Lawrence Hoates, former Medical Director, New England Sinai Hospital