HIV Pathogenesis Research Training Program

The focus of this program is investigation into clinically relevant pathogenesis of HIV/AIDS and associated opportunistic infections.

The program's themes are:

  • Pathogenesis of HIV/AIDS and associated opportunistic pathogens,
  • Viral resistance and the appropriate means of monitoring and interpreting
  • Innate and adaptive host immune responses to HIV and opportunistic infections
  • The pathogenesis of metabolic changes in HIV infection
  • The mechanisms of action and metabolism of antiretroviral drugs

The training program faculty include Drs. Thorpe, Ward, Coffin, Bachovchin, Snydman, Griffiths, Wanke, O’Connor, Selker, Hellinger, Wilson, Navia, Thorley-Lawson, Greenblatt, Huber, Kumamoto, Rosenberg, Widmer and Tzipori.

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