Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases

Center for Drug Abuse and AIDS Research

The Center for Drug Abuse and AIDS Research is the only center of its kind funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and is designed to support and develop research on nutrition and metabolic changes in drug users.

The Center functions through 6 cores: Administrative, Developmental, Drug User Resources, Nutrition and Metabolism, Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Liver Disease.  This is an interactive program with the Brown University/Miriam Hospital HIV program. The goal is to train fellows in methods of HIV/AIDS clinical research with an emphasis on the unique strengths of the two programs individually.

The program's themes are:

  • Nutritional and metabolic issues in HIV
  • Cardiovascular risk in HIV
  • Special populations in HIV including women, ethnic minorities, injection drug users, and incarcerated populations
  • Outcomes research and decision analysis in HIV/AIDS
  • International AIDS research
  • Clinical studies in HIV/AIDS

Christine Wanke, MD
Alice Tang, PhD
Dakshina Jandhyala, PhD

Phone: 617-636-7001
Fax: 617-636-8525