Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases

Clinical Research

Clinical investigation in the Division of Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases is a well-established and growing area of research, representing a wide variety of projects, such as epidemiologic studies, clinical trials, translational research and outcomes and modeling studies.  Active areas of inquiry include:

HIV infection related research

Dr. James Hellinger - HIV interventional and new agent studies; HIV pharmacology and drug interactions.

Dr. Michael Jordan - HIV-1 subtypes; HIV drug resistance; phylogenetic analysis of HIV infection.

Dr. Rahki Teena Kohli – Metabolic complications of HIV infection, including insulin resistance.

Dr. Laura Kogelman - Research on international travelers, including hepatitis B and dengue serologies.  Clinical research on expanded drug access for HIV medications, most recently studying CCR5 receptor antagonists in treatment-experienced HIV patients.

Dr. David Stone (Lemuel Shattuck Hospital) – HIV infection in the incarcerated population; HIV infection in substance users; adherence to HIV therapy; HIV and hepatitis C co-infection.

Dr. Christine Wanke - Nutritional and metabolic issues in HIV, including weight loss, wasting, lipid metabolism, cardiovascular risk, glucose intolerance, and body shape abnormalities (fat atrophy and fat deposition); diarrheal disease and intestinal function in HIV infection.

Dr. Steven Hong is also currently conducting clinical research studies on HIV. 

Non-HIV related infection research

Dr. Helen W. Boucher – clinical development of anti-infective agents; Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia; antimicrobial utilization.

Dr. Jennifer Chow: Role of iron metabolism in risk for infectious diseases; epidemiology of infections in solid organ transplant recipients; epidemiology of invasive fungal infections in critically ill patients.  

Dr. Shira Doron – Probiotics; internet-based clinical trials; antibiotic stewardship; transmission, diagnosis and treatment of hospital-acquired infections.

Dr. Yoav Golan – Hospital acquired infections particularly in the critically ill and immunocompromised patient populations; methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and antimicrobial resistance; invasive candidiasis; decision and cost effectiveness analysis; predictive modeling of infectious diseases.

Dr. Jeffrey K. Griffiths – Biology and epidemiology of cryptosporidiosis in the United States.

Dr. Debra Poutsiaka – Epidemiology of bacterial infections in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; impact of blood stream infection on immunologic complications of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; epidemiology of infections in critically ill immunocompromised patients.

Dr. David R. Snydman – Role of cytomegalovirus in transplantation, Interventional studies to prevent and treat transplantation-related infections; epidemiologic aspects of antibiotic resistance, hospital-acquired infections; use of probiotics to reduce complications of hematopoeitic stem cell transplantation and colonization with resistant infectious pathogens.

Drs. Natalie Nierenberg and Geneve Allison are also currently conducing non-HIV related clinical research studies.

James Hellinger, MD
Michael Jordan, MD
Rahki Teena Kohli, MD
Laura Kogelman, MD
David Stone, MD
Christine Wanke, MD
Helen W. Boucher, MD
Shira Doron, MD
Yoav Golan, MD
Jeffrey K. Griffiths, MD
Debra Poutsiaka, MD
David R. Snydman, MD
Jennifer K. Chow, MD
Steven Hong, MD

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