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Department of Medicine

Internal Medicine Residency Program

Thank you for your interest in the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Tufts Medical Center. Our institution, the major teaching hospital for Tufts University School of Medicine, has a long storied history. Founded in 1796 as the Boston Dispensary with some of its original benefactors including people like Paul Revere and Sam Adams, it was the first permanent medical facility in New England and one of the oldest in the country. Part of its original mission was to guarantee that the poor people of Boston had access to high quality medical care.

That goal remains intact today. Over the past two centuries, numerous developments in health care delivery as well as advances in biomedical research have been based at what is now called Tufts Medical Center.  The institution continues to be dedicated to its mission of maintaining its tradition of health care innovation, leadership, education, charity and high quality care and service to its patient population.

Internal Medicine Residency class from Tufts Medical Center in Boston for 2016.

Likewise, the Department of Medicine at Tufts Medical Center and its residency training  have a long storied tradition. Some of the highlights of the program, which recently received the maximal 5 year accreditation cycle, include: 

  • Emphasis on focused learning with inpatient subspecialty teams with full time attending physicians from the various disciplines. No "privates."
  • Numerous subspecialty ambulatory blocks
  • No preliminary positions
  • Over 90% of the training occurs at the home institution
  • Diverse high acuity patient population
  • On site continuity clinics for all trainees
  • Outstanding fellowship and job placements
  • Excellent research opportunities
  • Unique medical education and business tracks

On the right are links to pages that will provide you with a more detailed description of our training program and our highly accomplished faculty.  We hope that this information further increases your interest in learning more about us.  We look forward to seeing your application and meeting you on the interview trail.