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Chief Residents

Kerrilyn Murphy, MD

Med school: University of Massachusetts Medical School
Undergrad: College of the Holy Cross
Hometown: Worcester, MA

Favorite things to do in Boston: Walking around the city on nice days, hanging out at Lawn on D and trying new restaurants

Most useful thing in my white coat: The Dunkin Donuts app on my iPhone

Favorite guilty pleasure TV show: The Bachelor…and The Bachelorette…and Bachelor in Paradise.

Why TMC: Everyone at Tufts is so nice and it truly feels like a family. We get plenty of autonomy as residents, while still feeling supported, and I feel like we get truly excellent training. The subspecialty system affords you the opportunity to learn from experts about their field on a daily basis.

Why Boston: Boston is such a great city. It has all of the benefits of a big city (great entertainment, food, sports teams, etc) without feeling overwhelming. It is also a short drive to mountains and beaches so it’s easy to get away from the city if you need some nature in your life.

Kaavya Paruchuri, MD

Med school: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Undergrad: Northwestern University
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Favorite things to do in Boston: Eating at all the new restaurants, apple picking in the fall

Most useful thing in my white coat: Dropbox App on my iPhone

Favorite guilty pleasure TV show: Reign & The Bachelor.

Why TMC: It’s the friendliest hospital in town – everyone knows everyone here so you can’t go 10 feet without someone smiling and saying hi.  On top of that, we get phenomenal clinical training because we spend so much time with all of our amazing subspecialists.  I’m never just another face in the crowd when I’m at Tufts.

Why Boston: It’s a very livable city – downtown is easy to access via the T, suburbs are not too far and everywhere has delicious restaurants (which was very important to me).  And most of the population is involved in healthcare or education so there is an incredible diversity of work going on here in terms of research opportunities.  Plus, my now-husband was already living here so that was another draw…

Elizabeth Yu, MD

Med school: University of Massachusetts Medical School

Undergrad: Cornell University

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Favorite things to do in Boston: exploring new restaurants, sampling food trucks and farmer's markets, walking my dog all over the city

Most useful thing in my white coat: my iPhone! Then lip balm.

Favorite guilty pleasure TV show: Khloe & Lamar (I know they're divorced and the show’s over but I thought they were really sweet together)

Why TMC: the people! The residents and faculty are supportive, fun, and easy-going. Smaller residency classes means you get to know everyone really well and the program feels like family. The subspecialty system let's you learn from experts and TMC graduates excellent clinicians. And lastly, the all-you-can-eat shrimp cocktail at Rick's welcome party intern year. :)

Why Boston: my husband was a fellow at Children's Hospital when I was applying for residency so I was geographically restricted to Boston, but after living in Worcester for 8 years I was excited to live in a bigger city! There's so much to do (restaurants, museums, events on the Commons) but it's not chaotic and the city is easy to navigate. I live in Brookline and love the suburban feel but am also just a short T ride away from downtown. Boston has so much history and charm -- you can't go wrong living here!