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Salary and Benefits 

The hospital provides a comprehensive flexible benefits program that includes health insurance, full maternity benefits, white coats/scrubs (and laundry for these), on-call rooms, and malpractice insurance for all assigned rotations. 

Current salaries for our housestaff:
PGY 1: $65,764 per year
PGY 2: $68,425 per year
PGY 3: $71,220 per year

Additionally, each house officer can get educational costs reimbursed ($250 first year, $500 second year, and $1000 third year). 

All house officers are provided four weeks of vacation per year.

Future of the Program 

We are constantly striving to improve the educational value of this training program. Our house staff review committee composed of faculty and house officers meets regularly to assess the program and make recommendations for changes.
Many of our current rotations such as the night float system, the Endocrinology, Rheumatology and other ambulatory rotations, the three week rotations, the 3+1 structure for interns and the medical intensive care unit team originated from proposals by this committee. Recently we have expanded our mock code curriculum, ultrasound curriculum, and professional development/business curriculum. 

Disclaimer: The rotations outlined in this brochure are a working plan. Because changes may be required due to unforeseen events, the Chair of the Department and the Program Director reserve the right to alter the program as necessary.